With thirty years of winemaking spanning three continents, Franck continues to work diligently elevating grape-to-bottle brands to World Class Gold and Silver recognition –within specific price point segments.

Grape To Bottle

Assess vineyard quality. 
Harvest picking decisions through laboratory data and taste buds.
Experience with wines of numerous climate and cellar conditions.
Enhance winemaking practices.
Exceed quality goals and create future cellar projects. 
Experience with a host of winemaking products including: yeasts, tannins, and enzymes.

Macro & Micro-Oxygenation

Adding oxygen at specific times during red wine fermentation. 
Micro-oxygenation matures tannic structure synergistically with oak.

Oak Factor

From fermentation to aging in tanks or barrels, oak is a great tool enhancing the quality of each vintage.
Analyze suppliers of oak additives and select the appropriate forest: Allier, Nevers, Vosges.


Create wine from selecting market bulk to achieving award winning brands.
Evaluate quality and cost analysis. 
Maximize blending regulations and synergize varietal, appellation and vintage strength.